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We are amazed and grateful for the overwhelming success of our Indiegogo campaign. 

Since the beginning of the revolution, we have been involved in Egypt’s thriving urban art scene. We worked in close collaboration with a network of its leading artists on mural projects, events and exhibitions. Over a year ago we started to work on a book, in order to professionally document the Egyptian Street Art explosion. The amazing artworks of the last three years pieced together, tell the whole story of the Egyptian revolution. We have worked with many artists, capturing their art, their vision and their stories. We collaborated with Egyptologists, Historians, and Activists to accurately tell the story of the changing role of expression in public space.

We put a staggering amount of work into this book. In order to complete it – and truly do justice to the artists and the story of the revolution- we needed financial support. We launched a fundraising campaign with the online platform Indiegogo. For anyone unfamiliar with Indiegogo, it is a funding platform for projects on a variety of subjects. The beauty of Indiegogo is that we could involve people in the making of our book and reward their support at the same time. Visit our Indiegogo page to learn more about our book. The campaign has been a great success. 746 peoples made donations in exchange for unique rewards, including original artwork from some of the scene’s leading artists.

We are have far surpassed our fundraising goal, and will use the extra funds to support Egyptian Street Art and artists. In addition to the book, we are working on several events and a possible Street Art Festival in Egypt in 2014.
We have been working day and night to get some amazing perks/rewards for our supporters from the scene’s leading artists. We have limited quantities of original artwork left, let us know if you are interested in any.